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Corrugated Coutainer

Corrugated Coutainer



PAPERIBC solid container are increasingly
beingused   for the 
replacements  of  less   efficient packagingmaterials andmethods  such   as plywoodcases,sacks,plastic or steel drums  
and   fibc  bags.They  can  also  be  used   for multitrips and are applicable for a variety of uses viz resins,fertilizer,pickles,
powdered products and fruits.



           Title:Bin, Powder Bin

Bin, Powder Bin

Easy to Set Up Requires only one person per minute to prepare the PAPERIBC container for filling. No special training is required for setting up the container. High Strength PAPERIBC offers compression strength from 8 to 10 tons and is capable of stacking 3 high thus increasing storage efficiency . Environmentally Friendly The materials used to make PAPERIBC are completely recyclable, biodegradable andwaste-to-energy efficient. The objective is to minimize environmental pollutions and cause less contamination and harm to our environment. Save Storage Space by 80% and more PAPERIBC can carry 20% more product than drums for the same amount of space. When they are not in use, PaperIBC is collapsible and stored flat in 80% less space than empty drums.

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